Guy in Pirates jersey makes a one-handed catch while holding his baby

One of the most awesome parts of last night's game was actually on a homer for the D-Backs. Check out the video above: a Pirates fan, decked out in a bright yellow jersey amidst the sea of questionable uniform designs worn by the Diamondbacks fans, fully extends with one hand to catch the homer while holding his baby. I'm of the opinion that there's literally nothing more awesome the average joe can do than catch a baseball one-handed while holding your kid with your other hand. Sure, the guy hitting the home run is more awesome, but for most average guys like the one in the video above, this is the pinnacle of manliness, glory, and fame.

I've thought about this one a lot, and pictured myself many times as doing exactly what this guy was able to pull off. There are a couple rules for looking awesome when you do this, though:

1. You have to catch the ball one-handed with your bare hand. It's fine to bring your glove to the game, but to make an awesome play like this, you have to be making the catch bare-handed, which is much more difficult with other people behind you jockeying for position. Not to mention that catching a baseball moving that fast with your bare hand just plain hurts.

2. Holding the baby. You have to be holding a kid. Bonus points if the kid is sleeping, and more bonus points if the kid is particularly cute. Ideally the kid is your offspring, but nieces/nephews count, too. Hopefully you know the kid in some capacity, or you might have some other issues to deal with.

3. Bonus points. There are several ways to earn bonus points on such a catch. Protecting someone in the process earns big bonus points, such as an elderly couple, another kid, or just someone who isn't paying attention (and come on, people, pay attention if you're at a baseball game so they don't end up putting nets around the whole damn field). Another way to earn bonus points is to catch the ball in your beer without dropping the beer. Sure, some of it is going to spill all over the people around you, but don't worry about that. After catching the ball in your beer, you have to chug the beer with the ball still in it, and then you can triumphantly hold aloft your prize; you've earned your spot on the SportsCenter Top 10 for that night.

Alas, I'm several steps away from being able to achieve such glory. First of all, I would need to have a baby to do this, and I think I'm at least a few years away from being mature enough for that. Second, and even harder, is being in the right spot at the right time to catch either the home run or, slightly less cool, foul ball. Bringing together the ball, baby, and bro is a fortuitous circumstance that at least one Pirates fan was lucky enough to experience last night. He'll be telling that story for a long, long time.