Pirates 4 Cubs Much more than 4: The Pirates suck right now

The bullpen is filled with random dudes who either suck or I’ve never heard of or both. The starting rotation currently includes four pitchers who can’t pitch well and one guy who’s started 3 MLB games, two of them against a Mets lineup that’s arguably worse than the Pirates’ pitching staff right now. It seems like the “scrap heap pitcher experiment” is over because it hasn’t worked out at all for the Pirates. If these guys want to be contenders moving forward, they have some decisions to make. The prospects need to be put to work somehow, either through trades to get legitimate players (either now or during the offseason) or promoted to the Majors to get some big league experience to prepare them for future seasons.

I’ll try to write a more coherent, thought out post later, but I don’t feel like watching the end of the game. I’m probably just going to go to bed.

The horizon doesn’t look any better, with Bumgarner, Cueto, and Samardzjia going for the Giants against the Pirates this week, who have won 8 straight. Buckle up, things probably aren’t going to get better.